What paperwork is needed to sell a house without an agent?

Sell my house fast in Tennessee

Selling your home for cash may be the best sales decision for you, but you may be wondering where to start in the mound of necessary paperwork. If this is you, then continue reading for advice.

Where do I start?

Now that you have decided to sell your home for cash, your first major decision has been made. However, that does not mean that the stress of selling your home for cash is gone. Your next step is to locate, organize and prepare all the necessary paperwork that will accompany your legal and legitimate home sale. On top of that, you are probably looking for a quick sale and a quick paperwork process, so you may find yourself in a frenzy trying to organize your documents and your thoughts.

We are here to assure you that there is no need to subject yourself to undue stress and an unnecessary frenzy. In fact, once you have a list of necessary documents, you will likely find this process nothing to concern yourself with. To make the sales process smoother once you have found a buyer, it is best to locate and prepare the original sales contract, your mortgage statement, your homeowner’s insurance records, the HOA documents (if you are a part of an HOA), the records and receipts of value-boosting home improvements you have done, and the manuals and warranties to your in-home appliances. This may seem like a lot at first, but all of these items will help your buyer feel more secure in their sale, not to mention may help you optimize your profits.

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Sell my house fast in Clarksville without an agent

There are many perks to selling your property without an agent. To name a few, you are in total control of the sales process, the price, the timeline, the presale renovations and repairs, and so many other aspects of the sale. Selling your home without an agent is possible, and it is personal! Many homeowners are intimidated by the fear of getting lost along the way or becoming buried in the paperwork, but this fear should not hold you back from selling your home your way. With all this in mind, if you do decide to sell the house without an agent, here are five tips to help you get started. (2)

  • Before you list your home for sale, you, as the homeowner and seller, should be sure to locate and organize the paperwork necessary to make the remainder of the sale go smoothly. 
  • Know how much you still owe to your lender to pay off your mortgage. Knowing this will help you gauge the profit you can make from the sale of your home and the offer that you should accept for it.
  • Be aware of your state’s mandatory disclosures regarding your property. When selling your home independent of an agent, you take on the responsibility of ensuring that all the state requirements are met for a legitimate sale. So, you should take the time to educate yourself on the states’ necessary disclosures before listing your home.
  • Do not forget the contingency plan that you agreed on with your buyer. It can be easy to overlook these agreements in the closing process, but it is necessary to check the contingent steps off the list before closing the sale.
  •  Take a breath! Selling your home without an agent is possible, and you are capable of closing your own deals on your own terms.

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Should I sell my house without a real estate agent?

When trying to decide the route you want to take to sell your home, it is important to evaluate the pros and cons of your many options. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of selling your home without a real estate agent. Some pros involved with selling your home by owner are seen in the autonomy that you have over the sale of your home, the money that you will save on extra fees, and the knowledge you will gain through the process. However, the cons of selling your home by owner may include things like risking incorrectly pricing your home, lacking the knowledge about official paperwork, and reducing the number of interested buyers. In the end, is it up to you to decide if selling your home without an agent is best suited for you.

Should I sell to a buyer that does not have an agent?

As we have discussed, it is common for homeowners to sell their homes without real estate agents, but did you know that they are not the only ones trying to navigate the housing market solo? Some buyers may also believe they’d be better off purchasing a property without an agent. For those seeking a competitive edge, proceeding without a buyer’s agent may seem like a good way to stand out from the competition—and maybe even score a discount. Since the seller pays the buyer agent’s commission, wouldn’t a do-it-yourself purchase sweeten the offer? (1)

If you are selling your home without a real estate agent, you are probably more leery of who you decide to sell to. This is completely understandable, but don’t count out buyers that are also working independently. in fact, by selling to an independent buyer you can save yourself the costs that would typically be paid to the buyer’s agent. 

How much can I save by selling my own home?

When homeowners decide to hire a real estate agent to sell their home for them the owner can expect to lose money on the sale. This is not because the agent is not asking for the right price or can’t advertise and negotiate, but it is because the agent will be paid a commission fee. If you decide to sell your home without an agent, you can expect to save about 5% on the total profit of the sale because you do not have to pay the agent’s commission and extra fees. 

What kind of paperwork is needed when I am accepting an offer on my FSBO home?

Once you have received an offer on your home that you are ready to accept, it is time to embark on the journey to the mountain of paperwork. At this point, it is best to organize your official documents and meet with your buyer to make agreements and final decisions. Initially, you and the buyer should sign a purchase agreement and decide on any contingencies and finalize the closing date. When it comes time to close, you will need the property tax statement, the seller’s settlement statement, the deed, the title, and a 1099-S tax form. Once the formalities are over, you have officially transferred ownership of your property to your buyer. 


Making the decision to sell your property without a real estate agent can be troublesome for many homeowners, but this route should not be discounted. Selling your own home has many pros, and you can decide the timeline. If you are saying “sell my Clarksville house fast” then contact My Tennessee Home Solution for a great cash offer. We are among the most trusted Tennessee homebuyers, and you will always have control over your sale when working with us.