Did you know the average real estate agent takes 5-6% of your house sale before you even begin paying other closing costs? In the end, you could lose untold thousands of dollars, squandering valuable time, money, and resources when there is a much easier option.

At My Tennessee Home Solution, we help people just like you sell your home quickly and hassle-free without the typical fees and headaches associated with the usual open market process. Whether you’re a homeowner who needs to sell rapidly or an investor who hopes to capitalize on a property, we can help you.

Are you looking to sell your home or property in 2023? Our team of military veterans fights hard and fair to help home sellers across Middle Tennessee sell quickly. We’ll work out a home’s sale price no matter the circumstances. Any Condition. Any Situation. Any Reason.

There are many things to do to sell your home in any real estate transaction. We’ll cover how to sell to cash buyers and with agents, and which might be the best option for you!

Consult Top Real Estate Agents or Cash Buyers

This is the obvious first step. If you sell with our team, you don’t need to worry about agencies, realtors, or brokers. However, if you’re selling and listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with a standard agent, ensure they’re a good one!

When you’re wondering, “What do I need to do to sell my house?” finding a top professional is step number one. Many National Association of Realtors members can help with the selling process. Start by interviewing real estate agents. An experienced agent can help you set the right asking price, market your house effectively, and negotiate the best deal.

Alternatively, you can always forego the open real estate market and sell off-market with seasoned cash investors. You won’t have to make repairs, get your house ready, or pay all those closing costs!

Get Your House Ready for Potential Buyers

Before you put your house on the market, you’ll need to prepare it to impress potential buyers. Start with a deep cleaning to eliminate any pet smells, dust, and dirt. You may also need to do some minor repairs or touch-ups, like fixing leaky faucets or painting scuffed walls. Consider hiring a professional stager to help showcase your home’s selling points and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal – Need a Fresh Coat?

First impressions matter, and that’s especially true when selling your home. Improving your house’s curb appeal can help attract potential buyers and even leave you with more money in your pocket. And you don’t need a master’s degree in home decorating to do it!

Need some low-cost ways to improve your home’s curb appeal?

Put these tips for selling your home on your to-do list:

  • Painting the front door a fresh coat of paint
  • Replacing light bulbs or fixtures
  • Cleaning the garage door and driveway
  • Getting rid of any extra furniture or personal items

Price Your Home Realistically for Multiple Offers

Setting the right asking price for your home is crucial to attracting potential buyers and selling your house quickly. Your real estate agent can help you research recently sold properties in your area to help you set a realistic price. A home priced too high may deter potential buyers, while a home with a low price may leave money on the table.

Determining Your House Price: Real Estate Agents vs. Cash Buyers

Through a market analysis of comparable homes, agents look at recently sold properties similar in size, location, and condition to the home being priced. They also consider homes currently on the market that compete with your home. Agents also consider the home’s features and amenities when pricing it for a potential buyer.

When you just want to sell quickly without all the back-and-forth comparisons, sell to a cash investor. Our team doesn’t require sellers to do a deep clean or get the house ready for top dollar. We’ll simply assess the property through some photos and make you an offer in mere days or hours. Our analysis includes the repairs we’ll need to make and how much we can sell or rent the house out for.

There is no need to impress buyers or make changes to boost home value. We can purchase your house quickly after just a short review.

Take Professional Photos and List Your Home Online

Most home buyers start searching for homes online, so taking professional photos of your home is crucial to attracting curious buyers. Your real estate agent can help you get professional photos taken and list your home on multiple online platforms to attract as many potential buyers as possible. You may also consider hosting an open house to showcase your home to prospective buyers.

If you choose a cash buyer, you can snap photos of your property as is. However, if you’re using an agent, ensure you do the following to get your home market ready.

Use a high-quality camera 

A high-quality camera with a wide-angle lens is a must for taking professional photos. A digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera is a good choice for snapping clear, vivid images.

Clean and declutter the house

Before taking photos, you should thoroughly clean and declutter the home. Remove personal items, like photos or children’s toys, to make the house look more spacious. With cash buyers, you won’t have to touch a thing.

Use natural light

Natural light is the best light source for taking photos. Open curtains and blinds to let in as much sunlight as possible. If necessary, use additional lighting fixtures to brighten up darker areas.

Capture the best angles

Experiment with different angles to find the most flattering shots of the house. Take photos from varying heights and perspectives to showcase the house’s best attributes.

Highlight key features

Focus on the most attractive aspects of the house, such as a fireplace, large window, or dining room table. Ensure they are central in the photos and highlight them as selling points. Many buyers are looking for specific features, so show them off!

Stage the rooms

Set up each room to showcase its purpose and potential. Use furniture and décor to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for attracting buyers.

Edit the photos


Use photo editing software to enhance the imagery and make it more visually appealing. Adjust brightness and contrast, remove any blemishes or unwanted objects, and crop the pictures to highlight the best features.

As a home seller, you want to tap into a potential buyer’s needs and dreams. With gorgeous photos, a killer open house, and a good agent, you can present your home in pristine condition.

Get a Home Inspection

Traditional home sales will require a potentially costly home inspection. A home inspection can help you identify potential deal breakers and give you an idea of what to expect during the selling process. Getting a home inspection can also give potential buyers peace of mind and help you sell your home faster.

Of course, home inspections can also be very frustrating. The inspection report may reveal issues that need to be addressed before the sale can be finalized, which can cause a delay of several weeks or even months.

Even if the inspection doesn’t reveal any significant issues, you still have to pay for the inspector’s time and expertise, which can be costly.

Scheduling a home inspection can also be a hassle. Additionally, coordinating schedules with the seller, the real estate agent, and the inspector can be challenging and time-consuming. Rather than deal with a home inspector, have to do a deep clean, or worry about repairs and upgrades, call a cash buyer.

Consider Storing Extra Belongings

If your house is cluttered with too much stuff, consider renting a storage unit to store extra belongings. Storage units can help make your home appear more spacious and attractive to potential buyers. It’s also a good idea to remove unique items, like family photos, to help potential buyers imagine living in the home.

Selling your home can be stressful, but with the help of a great real estate agent and some low-cost improvements, you can put your best foot forward and attract potential buyers.

Keep in mind that getting your house ready, going through all the rigmarole, and spending thousands to prepare your home for a market sale aren’t within reach for everyone. If your home is in poor repair, has suffered damage from mold, flooding, or fires, or if you simply need to sell fast due to relocation or unexpected family events, a cash buyer can bring you to a quick close with significantly less effort and expense than selling on the market. Get in touch with the team of expert buyers at My Tennessee Home Solution to discover how we can help you today.

Cash Buyer vs. Real Estate Agent: Which Is Right for You?

What do I need to do to sell my house, you ask?

Well, it depends. While some people list their homes on the open market with the help of the National Association of Realtors, others prefer to sell to cash buyers. If you’re considering the latter option, here are some reasons why it may be the right choice for you:

A Quick and Easy Home Sale

Don’t know what to do when selling your home?

A primary reason to sell your house to a cash buyer is speed. According to Zillow, it takes 55-70 days to close on a traditional home sale. Unlike selling through a traditional real estate agent, you can close cash deals in days or weeks rather than months. This is especially true if you need to sell faster due to a job relocation, financial hardship, or other pressing circumstances.  

Many cash buyers use their liquid funds, such as savings, investments, or retirement accounts, to pay for a home. This option is often preferred by those who have significant cash reserves or want to avoid taking on debt.

There are no financial contingencies, meaning the sale is not contingent on the buyer obtaining a mortgage or some other financing. This lack of economic dependency can give you greater peace of mind and make the process smoother and more predictable. There’s no deal breaker when it’s all personal finance!

Old House

No Repairs or Maintenance Are Necessary

Another advantage of selling to cash buyers is that you don’t have to worry about making repairs or upgrades to your home. Cash buyers are typically looking for properties they can renovate or flip, so they’re not deterred by a property requiring work. This can save you more money, time, and hassle.

If you sell through a typical realtor, you’ll have to address all sorts of issues and damages. This means you may have to foot the bill for some very costly repairs.

  1. Structural issues: These issues could include a faulty foundation, roof damage, or termite damage.
  2. Electrical and plumbing issues: Electrical and plumbing systems must be up to code and functioning properly. This could include repairing leaks, replacing old wiring, or installing new light fixtures.
  3. HVAC system: The HVAC system must also be in good working order, with regular maintenance and no major repairs needed.
  4. Cosmetic repairs: Cosmetic repairs include fresh paint, new flooring, or updating kitchen and bathroom fixtures. These repairs are typically minor and do not require major renovations.
  5. Safety concerns: Selling with an agent? You’ll have to address all safety concerns, such as installing smoke detectors, fixing broken stairs or handrails, or removing any hazardous materials from the property.

No Closing Costs or Commissions

Closing costs are the fees and expenses associated with purchasing a property. These costs can encompass title search fees, appraisal fees, survey fees, attorney fees, recording fees, and any other fees associated with the property purchase. The cost of closing can vary depending on the price of the property and the location of the property.

Title Search Fees

Title search fees are the fees paid to a title company to search for the property’s title. The title search ensures that the seller has the legal right to sell the property and that there are no liens or other encumbrances against the property. The title company will report its findings to the buyer and seller.

Appraisal Fees

Appraisal fees are those paid to a professional appraiser to determine the property value. The appraiser will provide a report of their findings to the buyer and seller. The cost of an appraisal can vary depending on the property’s location and the appraisal’s complexity.

Survey Fees

Survey fees are paid to a surveyor to inspect a property and establish its boundaries. The survey helps determine the physical limits of the property and ensures there are no encroachments on the property. The surveyor will inform the buyer and seller of any issues with the bounds of the home and land.

Attorney Fees

Attorney fees are paid to an attorney to represent the buyer or seller in the transaction. The attorney will review the purchase agreement, prepare legal documents, and ensure the transaction is legally binding.

Taxes Calculation

Recording Fees

Recording fees are paid to the county recorder’s office to record the property’s ownership transfer. The recording fees can vary depending on the property’s location. In Tennessee, the typical buyer will cover half of the recording fee.

Other Fees

Other fees that may be associated with the property purchase include home inspection fees, home warranty fees, and any other fees the lender may require.

The average closing costs for a normal sale can range from 2% to 5% of the property’s purchase price. However, this can vary depending on the location of the house and the specific transaction.

It is important to note that closing costs are negotiable. As a seller, you may be able to negotiate with the cash buyer to split some of the closing costs or to have the buyer pay for some of the closing costs.

Selling Your House Fast, The Easy Way

When you’re wondering what do I need to do to sell my house, the honest answer is: barely anything!

At My Tennessee Home Solution, we’re A-rated by the Better Business Bureau. We’re real people who make real offers to buy your home as is for straight cash. We even work with investors looking to purchase properties!

Dedication, honesty, and fairness are in our DNA. As military veterans and graduates of West Point, we fight hard to make every home sale as easy as humanly possible.

Any Condition. Any Situation. Any Reason.

Need to sell your house super fast? Not in the mood for open-market complications? Contact our cash house buyers today.